Hello from Miss Rider

To all parents, carers and children,

Firstly I want to say thank you to you all.  Thank you for staying at home and keeping safe. Secondly, we all miss you.

To our parents and carers: These times are challenging for us all. Working in a school in any capacity means more than anything that you want to work with children. To help, to encourage and to see children develop into curious, kind and creative individuals. We all chose our careers and we cannot wait to be able to do our jobs in school again.

From speaking to many of you, the message we have is that homeschooling is difficult. You’re worried about the children falling behind that they are forgetting how to do the basics. The message I have for you is simply this, please don’t worry. There is no falling behind. Everyone is in the same place. The basics can and will be re-taught. We do not expect you to become teachers.

Whenever we return, our only focus will be making sure that the children are exactly where they should be. We will also make sure that they have time to play outside, see their friends, socialise again.

You all have your own jobs to do. Do not feel guilty that the maths work didn’t get done. Don’t get frustrated that Bug Club failed to load for the 10th time.Reading together, singing, cooking, walking and talking are all just as valuable. So is taking five minutes to sit and congratulate yourself on getting through another day.

We are always at the end of a phone or an email. There are no silly questions. Many of us at school are parents and everyone is going through exactly the same thing. You are not alone.

To our children. You are superheros. You are going through something that no one has ever been through before and you are doing it brilliantly. I know how boring it is. Not being able to go outside, see your friends and play. The school is empty and too quiet without you. You are the ones that make our days fun and exciting. We miss being able to talk to you about what you’ve been up too at the weekend, celebrating your birthdays, sporting achievements and showing off your fabulous art work. We miss you singing and laughing. I particularly miss our assemblies together. I want to let you know that we all be back together soon.

I want our school filled with life again and most importantly all of you back at Monteagle. I need you all back, we have work to do, after all we’re on a mission to create the best school around. You know how competitive I am!

Sending you all my best wishes and thoughts.

Keep Safe.