Dear Parents/ Carers,

We are nearly at the end of the first half of the Spring Term. The past six weeks have certainly had challenges but it has only confirmed how resilient the children are at Monteagle. They have been truly phenomenal and I am so proud to be their Headteacher.

I must express my gratitude and thanks to every single member of staff. The site team and Gary who ensure that our school follows all extra cleaning protocols so that we are able to stay open. The office and welfare teams who have organised, food parcels, Wi-Fi dongles, laptops and iPad and answered queries every day. To our team working every day in school supporting our key worker and ARP children ensuring that they are still able to access their online learning and finally to the class teachers working remotely with the children at home. Working to keep the live lessons as close to the normal school experience as possible.

Recently, we were informed that our online offer is one of the most comprehensive, broad and inclusive locally. This has always been our expectation. I have included an image of our school offer below.

I also need to thank all of you, managing your families, work and other commitments as well as supporting your children through home schooling. I sincerely hope that over the next few weeks, this will come to an end and we are able to return to school fully. I will write to you as soon as the Government confirm our reopening plans. We will only find this out when you do.

Retirement News

Away from home-schooling and Covid, Friday sadly signals the retirement of two of our longest standing members of staff: Mr Austin and Mrs Henigan.

Mr Austin is retiring from his post as Deputy Headteacher after 21 Years at Monteagle. He has been a huge support to many children and families over the years and has been a key part of the positive changes that have made Monteagle the school it is today. A truly unique teacher and irreplaceable. In his time at Monteagle, Mr Austin has transformed the way we think about teacher development, working with families. He has also ensured that all of our children have the opportunity to an enriched curriculum through a series of the best residential trips I have seen in any school. He will leave an amazing legacy behind and his successor has big boots to fill! He has been such an integral part of the school and I personally will miss his kindness, humour and care for the children.

Mrs Henigan has been at Monteagle since September 1993. She is practically part of the furniture at Monteagle! 27 years is a long time to be anywhere which probably says a lot of about how much she cares about us. Mrs Henigan has touched the lives of so many children, especially those she has worked closely with. She is passionate about Speech and Language and ensuring that all children get the best programmes available. She is well respected not just at Monteagle but widely across the borough for her knowledge and skills. There can be no doubt that Monteagle is losing a fantastic member of staff but an even more wonderful person.

Covid has taken away our ability to be able to celebrate the careers of these two incredible members of staff and we hope that in the Summer, we will be able to give them proper send off in style! For now, we wish them both all the best for the next chapter in their lives.

Reception Places

Some good news for Monteagle and its ever increasing popularity locally. This year, we had 228 applications for our Reception places in September. We currently only have 90 places in reception so we could fill our classes two and half times over. This is a real achievement, as numbers of reception children have fallen slightly in the borough.

To sign off, I hope that we are all back together as soon as possible. There will be no online lessons next week as we will be closed from Monday 15th February- Friday 19th February for half term.

Online lessons will resume on Monday 22nd February.


Have a wonderful week. Keep safe.


Sara Rider