Great start to the new term

Year 3 staff and pupils all returned to school this week full of energy and enthusiasm. We keenly shared our news from the holiday and we have made thoughtful new year resolutions for 2016.

This term in maths we are focussing on becoming experts and super fast at recalling the times table facts. We have discovered that singing and dancing is a great way to help us learn the tricky 6X, 7X, 8X and 9X tables. We have also been playing games and look forward to more games and singing to help us learn and remember the table facts.

In English our new book is Gregory Cool and although we haven’t actually started reading it yet, we have had discussions about the illustrations, made predictions and empathised with the characters through role play.

In our busy, productive week we have also started to look at plants and the functions of different plant parts and began our context work on settlements by looking closely at pictures and comparing this to where we live.