Great Monteagle bake off

Over the last term, year five have been busy investigating the solids that come together to make bread. It was a fascinating learning journey, which allowed us to carry out fair tests, comparisons and predict what will happen when solids (flour, yeast, salt and sugar) are mixed with different liquids.

To celebrate our learning, we invited parents into school to help us bake some bread. We swapped our pens and books for wooden spoons and weighing scales, and oh the fun we had. There was a great buzz as we measured, mixed and folded our mixtures. It was wonderful to have so many helpful hands to ensure our dough was just right.

Our bellies rumbled as we patiently waited to taste our bread. After 35 minutes in the pre-heated oven, our creations were ready to sample. We smothered our bread in different toppings and tried our homemade baked bread. Even Ms. Rider was impressed by the deliciousness of our baking.

Thank you to all the parents who came to help with our workshop, it’s always such a treat to have you with us in the classroom.