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Jo Richardson – Gifted and Talented

Athletics Event

On Thursday 22nd of June, 15 of the athletics team competed at an event held at Jo Richardson Community School. We walked to JRCS and saw their squad train. The team walked in and did their warm-up to get us all stretched out for what was to come. Mr Thompson gave us his annual pep talk before we set off to our events.

The event consisted of: Vortex throw, Long jump, Relay, 100m sprint, 200m sprint, 300m long distance and Shot put. It was a fantastic event and we earned a total of 15 medals! They included a gold, silver and bronze in Vortex throw (which was a clean sweep), a silver in 300m long distance, Long jump, Shot put and in the 100m sprint, 4 bronzes in relay (mix of boys and girls), 2 in Shot put and 2 in 200m sprint.

Quotes from 2 bronze and silver medallists.

‘It was quite challenging, but to get medals for our hard work feels well deserved.’

‘Facing older children seemed nerve racking at first but once we got started it was a lot of fun.’

‘It was a great event and it felt amazing knowing we beat some of JRCS’ top athletes team in some of the events.’