Game Testing with Year 3

For quite a while now, we have all been creating our very own mini computer game using Coding on Purple Mash.

We have had to think about how the game will be played; what characters ad background we will need; and what the overall purpose of the game is. We have worked independently to create them, then with a partner to test and make any corrections or fix any faults that occurred. Finally, we invited Year 3 along to come and play our games and give us feedback on how good our game was to play and how to improve it for future gaming creations.

Year 3 were extremely helpful and gave us some excellent feedback, and we would like to thank all of the children in Year 3 for giving up their time to try our games out. We would also like to thank the Year 3 teachers for allowing the children in their class to come to our classes and take part in this fun afternoon activity.

Below are some images of our feedback activity, including some links to a few games we created.

Give them a go, see what you think…

Fish Collector – Maryam’s game

Rocket Man – Rafael’s game

Catch the Cheese – Claudia’s game

Get the Treasure – Melisa’s game

Get the ultimate Chicken – Alfie’s game

Rich Egyptian – Ihsan’s game