Full Reopening Letter

Dear Parents,

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to school from Monday 7th September.

The school is safe and ready for all of our children to return and restart a new academic year. As I said in my letter last week, we want the school day to look as normal as possible. There will of course be some changes but this will only be visible to the children in the staggering of the entry and exit times and playtimes and lunchtimes.


We have hand sanitising stations positioned at the entry points to the school and children will be taught to wash their hands regularly throughout the day.

For ease, I have bullet pointed all of the necessary information you need to aid your child’s return to school.

General Information:

o   You may only enter the school through the Burnham Road entrance (Except year 1 and Reception who will enter via the Reception Gate). Stamford Road is exit only.

o   Please follow the one-way system around the school.

o   Parents should not congregate on the playground.

o   Only 1 person in the school office at a time. Please avoid the office unless in case of an emergency and contact us via phone or email.

o   If you do need to speak to a member of staff, please make an appointment.

o   Children will not be able to wear masks in school or in the playground.

o   Full school uniform must be worn- we will contact parents in the same way if children are not in uniform.

o   Children should not bring in any equipment from home ie pencil cases etc everything will be provided in school.

o   We have added in additional rules for the safety of all children and adults. If children are unable to adhere to these rules they may not be allowed to return to school or will be sent home.

o   We are working on how to set up and run our clubs safely. We will let you know as soon as we are able to open Breakfast Club, Rainbows and our extracurricular clubs.


Start Dates:

o   Nursery: From w/b 16th September- Follow individual letter

o   Reception: From w/b 23rd September- Follow individual letter in July

o   Year 1: From w/b 7th September- follow individual letter sent in July

o   Year 2: 7th September

o   Year 6: 7th September

o   Year 3: 8th September

o   Year 4: 8th September

o   Year 5: 8th September


Start Times:

Please do not arrive earlier than your allocated time and please be aware that you may have to queue at the school gate.

o   Nursery: 8.50 and 12.30 from w/b 23rd September- please check individual letter for exact timings

o   Reception: 8.50 (Reception Gate) From w/b 16th September- please check individual letter for exact timings

o   Year 1: 8.40 (Reception Gate) from w/b 7th September- please refer to letter sent in July

o   Year 3: 8.40

o   Year 5: 8.45

o   Year 4: 8.50

o   Year 2: 8.55

o   Year 6: 8.55


End Times:

o   Nursery: 11.50 and 3.30

o   Reception: 2.50

o   Year 1: 2.50

o   Year 3:  2.55

o   Year 5: 3.00

o   Year 4 3.05

o   Year 2: 3.10

o   Year 6: 3.10


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.


Best Wishes,