From gang to chef.

On Friday 26th March Year 5 had a visit from Patrick Campbell,  a participant in Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Apprentice Programme in 2014. The programme uses the magic of food to give disengaged young people a chance of a better life. As part of our whole school Thrive approach Patrick was invited in to talk with the Year 5 children about the choices they are making in the class and playground.

Patrick talked to the children about his life experiences and how the programme changed his life. He shared with the children how the path he was choosing to go down was not a good one. He explained that at school he often didn’t do his work or listen to his teachers. As a result of this he was drawn into a local gang and that is when he started on the wrong path. Luckily, Patrick was given the opportunity to take part in the Jamie Oliver programme and he hasn’t looked back since.

Patrick talked to the children about the choices they are making and how they could make better choices. He encouraged the children to think about their actions towards their family, friends and teachers. Patrick highlighted how important it was for them to respect each other and the adults around them. He also encouraged them to aim high with their ambitions for their future.

Thank you Mr Hardy for organising the visit, the children enjoyed listening to Patrick and asking him questions. He was very inspiring!