Free Counselling for Parents and Carers

We are incredibly lucky at Monteagle to work in partnership with TalkSpace, a local not, for profit counselling organisation providing  free counselling services here, at school for our children,  parents and carers.

Counselling sessions normally take place during the school day, in a safe and confidential environment, however due to the current social distancing  advice, sessions with children have been postponed as they are carried out though play therapy.

However, TalkSpace have been able to continue counselling sessions with adults, via telephone and virtual methods.

TalkSpace have kindly offered more counselling spaces in this extremely challenging time to help parents and carers  who are experiencing  any difficulties including depression, anxiety, stress and bereavement.

The sessions are carried out by student counsellors who have already trained for a number of years and who need to get practical experience to become accredited with the BACP British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Sessions are free and completely confidential.  If you would like more information about the service or would like  talk to a counsellor you can be referred in confidence through the school by contacting Nicky  07956 458202 or call TalkSpace directly on 020 8595 8806.