End of year results 2016

At Monteagle we believe that a truly outstanding school is one that enables all children to achieve their best. One where academic attainment is high and the academic progress of individuals is maximised.

We are pleased therefore to share with you the headline results from this year’s end of Key Stage assessments; a set of results that shows both high attainment and excellent progress.

This year:

  • In the EYFS, in Reception, 72% of children achieved results at and above the expected standard, which is 2% above the average percentage of children in schools nationally.
  • At KS1, in Year 2, 69% of children achieved results at and above the expected standard, which is 9% above the average percentage of children in schools nationally.
  • At KS2, in Year 6, 71% of children achieved results at and above the expected standard, which is 18% above the average percentage of children in schools nationally.

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These are superb results that see Monteagle convincingly beat national scores and places the school in the top ten of Barking and Dagenham’s schools.

They confirm the unequivocal report written by Ofsted in April, in which the school was judged to be ‘Good‘ and in which the improvements made this year in pursuit of even greater success were detailed.

In addition to our goal of academic excellence, we also strive for Monteagle to be a place where all children acquire the character virtues that lead to success in school and university, in work and life beyond. We do this through ensuring the children enjoy character building experiences (our ’50 Things’).

Over the last few weeks the children have: performed in plays including Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Joseph; curated galleries to share their photographs, sculptures and paintings; ran, jumped, thrown and caught in sports days; and played their violins and sung their hearts out in concerts.

All fantastic experiences and opportunities to celebrate our broader conception of success across the school.

I’m sure you will join me in thanking all the staff at school who have worked so tirelessly to ensure the children’s progress and success.

And, I’m sure you’ll join me in saying ‘well-done‘ and ‘keep it up‘, to all our hard-working children.