Early Years and KS1 Home Music Making

We are very excited to share some lovely examples of Early Years and Key Stage 1 home music making. Whether it is a response to one of the weekly music tasks or an independent activity, we would love to see and hear your music making at home.

Making music often happens while engaging with other activities like reading, painting, dancing or playing. These are great examples of home music making which we’d love to share.

Send any examples of at home music making to:

Early Years and KS1 independent activities you may want to try:

-Making up your own songs

-Singing your own versions of your favourite songs

-Creating your own dance routine to a favourite song

-Playing instruments

-Creating instruments out of toys/objects (eg. spoon on a pot!)

Check out some wonderful examples of Early Years and Key Stage 1 at home musicking:

A nursery child sings a familiar song whilst reading a favourite book:

A Year 1 child shares her own version of one of our favourite songs from the London Symphony Orchestra: