Doc Brown talks to us about character

During our KS2 assemblies this term we are considering the connection between ‘who we are’ and ‘what we do’ and asking the question: do the character virtues we possess lead us toward certain jobs, and if so, can we develop character virtues to get the jobs we want?

To help us with this question we have invited a number of guests into school who have different jobs. We’re asking them what they do and how they came to do what they do, before posing the big question.

This week Ben Smith, aka Doc Brown, came to our assemblies. Ben created, writes and has starred in the 4 O’Clock Club, a series produced for CBBC. He told us how his writing is based on the experiences he had working in a primary school running the original 4 O’Clock Club, and is informed by the experiences he had writing and performing rap music from the age of thirteen. He shared a clip from the show:


Ben also told us about the work he does as a stand-up-comedian and as an actor on TV shows including Midsomer Murders and Law and Order:UK.

When we asked Ben which of our five core character virtues he felt had been most important in his success, he thought deeply before replying, ‘all five have been really important’, going on to single out ‘curiosity’ and ‘creativity’ for their particular contribution.

Ben answered lots of questions from the children, considering each and giving wonderfully insightful answers. He left us wanting to hear more, although we did persuade him to share the animation and rap that accompanies the children’s book he’s written with his friend, the illustrator Sav Akyüz.

You can listen to ‘I Am Bear’ by clicking the image below:


Thank you very much Ben. We learnt a lot and look forward to you visiting us again.