Day 1 – Lights out!

We made it!

What a day. We arrived in Le Touquet at approximately 6:00pm (local time). Our journey went without a problem and the children have behaved impeccably all day.

Once the children had found their rooms, they were allowed some time to settle before dinner time. After copious amounts spaghetti the children polished off their desserts and then headed outside for an evening play. Football, throwing, table tennis and dodge-ball. Ms. Darcy was voted player of the match in her football game, Ms. Conlon taught a small group some American Football and Ms. Olatunji is the reigning ping-pong champion. The children were allowed to burn off some energy and they came in before dark to have a shower and get themselves ready for tomorrow.

Breakfast will be served at 8:00am and we will update the school website tomorrow.