The Brilliant Club graduate at Cambridge University.

Congratulations to members of the Brilliant Club who graduated on Tuesday at Cambridge University!

Twelve children, in Year 6, were selected to be the first group of children from Monteagle to take part in this amazing project. Not only has it allowed the children to attend two prestigious universities, SOAS and St Catharine’s college Cambridge, they also worked alongside a PHD university tutor to study the topic ‘What is Fairness?’

The children had weekly tutorials which provided them with the skills to think critically about a range of opinions and facts as well as develop their vocabulary which has had a positive impact on their writing.

The children submitted a 1000 word final assignment which was marked externally by their tutor, and received a university style grading as well as feedback.

They have been fantastic role models for other children in the year group who are keen to take part in future projects and represented Monteagle exceptionally well whilst on trips and with visitors who have been in to school to work with them.

We are all very proud of them and all that they have achieved. We look forward to hearing about their experiences at university when they attend later on in their lives.

Well done The Brilliant Club!