Confiserie & chocolat…

At then it was the final day…

We had an even earlier start today, but the children had all packed the evening before in preparation. After some breakfast we were soon saying our “au revoirs” to the hotel staff, before getting on the coach and heading to a local sweet shop. Inside we got to see a variety of mouth watering treats being made and even had the opportunity to eat some sweets fresh off the machine. The process was fascinating and the children were captivated throughout the demonstration.

Almost immediately after the last sweet fell off of the conveyor belt, the children were boarding the coach (Euros in hand) as we headed off to a chocolate shop. Inside the children were able to buy a variety of gifts for themselves (and hopefully their family and loved ones too). Laden with bags brimming with sweet and delicious gifts, we finally departed and drove to the port of Calais, to board the ferry back home.

After arriving back on English shores, we put on a movie and enjoyed a relaxing film en route to school – arriving at about 5:00pm.

On behalf of all the staff,  I would like to say just how impressed we all were with the children and their behaviour on this trip. That being said, I will be glad to be in my own bed tonight and I am sure the children will agree too!