Cold and Frosty Days

The Nursery children have been exploring around our garden. We have found many places where puddles of water have frozen over and where the the grass and soil has been covered in frost. The children were delighted to see how the melting frost and ice sparkled in the sunlight. “It looks magical and exciting” said one of the children while exploring around the outdoor environment. ┬áThe children have been discovering ways to use ice and the frost and turn them into interesting learning opportunities. The children collected loads of ice from around our garden and placed them into trays. They talked about the texture, temperature and different shapes and thickness of the ice. Some children created structures with them and thought of ways to try and hold them together e.g. calling a friend to hold part of their structure or using found objects to prop them up. Other children did lots of mark making where the frost had settled onto flat surfaces, using either their fingers or gloves and discovered how it stuck to them even when they tried to shake it off. Some children even found interesting things frozen into the ice.