Our topic in science this term is living things and their habitats.

Our first lesson on the subject involved working with and handling some ‘Liquorice Allsorts’. Unfortunately, we weren’t eating these divisive sweets, but instead we were getting to grips with the term classification.

The best and particular thing about Liquorice Allsorts, is that although all of the sweets are made up of just the one key ingredient, they are presented in a number of different ways. There are similarities and differences between each shape, colour and layers, and as a result make a fantastic resource to explore the art of classifying.

Now we have began to get our heads around this skill, we will explore further how classifying can be applied to animals and other living creatures of the world. We will also research some of the key scientists who have helped us understand and appreciate just how many living things there are and just how important classifying them is.

Watch this space – we’ll keep you updated with our exploration!