In the weeks leading up to the end of term, the children at Monteagle were extremely busy!  They were engaged in lots of creative activities, leading to a variety of amazing outcomes.



Our Reception children put on a wonderful performance of ‘Whoops a Daisy Angel’; have a look at their page for some lovely photos. Year 2 performed ‘Countdown to Christmas’ to the school, parents and carers and Nursery sang Christmas themed songs to their parents and carers.

DSC02544 DSC02526







Christmas Fetes

IMAG1980Each class was set the challenge of making the greatest profit from our Christmas fetes. To do this, they were provided with a budget of £30 and then set about the task of creating games and presents to sell at their fete. Each phase held their own fete, all of which were superbly attended by parents and carers.  IMAG1984The children made and decorated cakes, created Santa puppets and tree decorations. During the fetes, some of the many things the children were able  to do were;  to decorate cakes, play ‘Guess IMAG1983the Weight of the Christmas Cake’, ‘Guess the Name of the Reindeer’,DSC02648 create their own Christmas cards and, of course, enjoy trying to sell their products. We have many budding candidates for ‘The Apprentice’!


One of the most popular stalls this year was face painting. Mrs House, Mrs Ball and Mr Kais worked tirelessly to create some beautiful festive images on faces.
2015-12-16 13.58.41

The children’s enterprising efforts paid off as the whole school made almost £900. All funds raised will go towards developing the playground into a fantastic play-space.



DSC02550Whilst parents, carers and children were waiting patiently to enter the fetes, our choir, led by Miss Jenkin, serenaded the queues  with a selection of carols and Christmas songs.



DSC02560Santa’s Visits

The Friends of Monteagle created an amazing grotto for Santa to visit. It was a completely magical experience. We were also very lucky that Santa found time in his busy schedule to visit each class. The children were extremely excited to receive class gifts from him. Thank you to the Friends of Monteagle for funding and creating the grotto as well as arranging for Santa to visit.


Lunch 4

Christmas Dinner

Our fantastic kitchen staff served up a magnificent Christmas meal for the children on Tuesday 16th December. All staff joined the children for this, enjoying crackers, prizes and festive music.

A huge thank-you to the kitchen staff and Tulen Nevzat, our Office Manager, for organising this occasion.