Building confidence

The parent workshop held this morning in school looked at anxiety in children and how it is often an underlying cause for negative behaviours such as refusal to do as asked and tantrums.

The workshop gave parents a clearer understanding of how to recognise anxiety, along with practical advice on teaching children to manage their feelings whilst building confidence and resilience.

The parents were also able to access advice from Natalie and Laura, Child Wellbeing Practitioners from CAMHS  (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) who were running the workshop.

If you were unable to make the workshop but are interested in how you can help build resilience in your child, please download the information sheet below provided by CAMHS .



CAMHS will also be hosting a further parent work shop on 28th March which looks at Improving your relationship and managing difficult behaviour in children aged 3-8

Look out for further details on Parent Mail.