On Thursday afternoon, twelve Year 5 children attended a graduation ceremony to celebrate their achievements in The Brilliant Club. To begin their celebrations they had a special lunch. Once finished they listened to an inspirational speech given by Ben Cajee. During the ceremony Tamara, Chidera and Rayann gave a speech about their experiences of The Brilliant Club to 1500 people live on zoom. They were nervous to begin with but they all did an amazing job.

The children worked extremely hard on their essays titled What are rights? They demonstrated curiosity and perseverance and as a result produced excellent essays which really impressed their tutor. Here is what some of the children had to say about their experiences:

Rayann – TheĀ  best thing about The Brilliant Club was learning about a subject I never thought about before.

Chidera – My favourite thing I learnt about was criminal law because when my sister grows up she wants to be a lawyer and with my knowledge I will be able to help her.

Tamara – During the course I found writing the essay challenging although it was a challenge it helped me improve my skills of writing an expanded piece of writing. I overcame this challenge by persevering.

Miss Rider and everyone in Year 5 are extremely proud of their achievements.