Black History in hip hop and rap

In Year 6 we have been continuing our exploration of hip hop, rap and UK Grime as part of our learning around Black history month. We have learned about the origins of hip hop in the Bronx, New York in the 1970s, as a response to the neglect of neighbourhoods called ‘projects’.

Today, UK Grime can give a positive outlet for expression of emotion about movements that people care about. The Black Lives Matter movement saw an explosion of songs and raps about standing up for racial justice. We have been learning one of these raps by Fleur East. Check out one of our incredible Year 6 rap artists:

We are also starting to compose our own songs/raps about topics which we care about from racial justice, to the climate emergency. We are using rhyming couplets, and we are creating our own beats using Garage Band music technology. Look out for more samples of our fantastic Year 6 musicians.