Year 3 were so lucky to have an incredible author to come and visit us this week. His name was Ciaran Murtagh. He was absolutely amazing, and he told us that he also writes TV shows and has recently been involved with writing Shaun the Sheep and Dennis and Gnasher. How exciting!

Ciaran gave us some really fun and helpful tips for writing stories! He showed us how to use just one page in a dictionary to come up with a new title, and to how to come up with ideas of the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ of a new story. We also worked as a year group to come up with ideas for what would happen throughout the story, and to come up with an exciting ending.

Watching Ciaran at work was incredible! He was so passionate about writing children’s books. He showed so much creativity to create a story with the children that they were all so engaged throughout his visit.

Here are some pictures of him in full story-making action with the children listening to every word.