Artists working with our Nursery children

The children have been working on the topic ‘All about Me, Myself and Everyone.
To end this topic we invited an artist to work with the children and create a self portrait based on the work from Henri Matisse. The image is called ‘The Green Strip’.
The children first worked with clay to create themselves.
Then at the next session each child drew a pencil outline of their face, adding the necessary features.
While drawing their picture the artistic guided each child on how to draw the facial features looking at the size, shape and position of each facial feature.
The children were also encouraged to interpret how they wanted to draw their self portraits.
The following session involved decorating their self portraits and the children could select the college items they wanted to use for their self portraits.
Once the self portraits were completed an art gallery event was held in the Nursery where their good quality work was put on display for parents, carers and visitors to view.