Amazing home learning from 1R

This week, children in Year 1 have shown excellent perseverance and  been very persistent in their learning. They have taken on board the challenges of online learning via zoom and all the Year 1 Class Teachers are totally amazed at how quickly children have adapted to such a major change taken in place in their learning, Well Done Year 1!
It’s worth commending the grit and determination of our lovely Year 1 Parents who are supporting their children achieve their learning goals during this Lockdown, so a big Thank you to all our Year 1 Parents!

These are some of lovely examples of work completed by the children. In writing, children have begun reading, ‘The Robot and the bluebird’ and have been learning to write questions to the Robot , to know more about him. For Art, children have done some exemplary observational drawings of a variety of Fruit. They have been learning to do addition by regrouping the given numbers. PSHE lesson has been learning all about how we can achieve our goals-by listening/ watching/ doing and maybe a mix of all three.


Take a look at the photos of our work that made us feel proud