This is Jazmin’s, in 6W, work.  We were adapting a poem ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ by Robert Frost.

Sada, who is the main character in the story ‘The Other Side of Truth’, read the poem in her school and was asked to rewrite the poem about a location that was special to her.  However, we did not get to read Sade’s poem because a bully ripped out Sade’s poem from her exercise book.

We then looked at the poem and adapted it, imagining that we were writing as Sade.

Jazmin’s used language from the text that Sade used when remembering the forest behind her family home back in Nigeria e.g. ‘Tangled branches’.  Jazmin also used to knowledge of the characters’ lives ensure the poem reflects Sade’s life.  An example of this ‘my mind must think it’s strange’, as Sade didn’t have a horse.

Well done Jazmin.