A word or two from those who know …

This superbly persuasive writing is taken from pieces read out in last Friday’s achievement assembly by children in Year 5. It’s great to hear our children expressing themselves so confidently and celebrating our school. Well done Year 5:

Are you looking for a school? Well look no further, your dream school is right here in Dagenham.  Monteagle Primary is a great school offering an amazing education and lasting friendships. It’s the best school in the whole wide world and we would love for you to join us in our learning. An intelligent person like you doesn’t want to go to any school, you want a serious school where the children are role models of outstanding behaviour – you want to go to Monteagle!

What makes Monteagle the best? Our sports are top notch, our music and art amazing, and don’t even get me started on the fun lessons.

Firstly let me tell you about the amazing sports at Monteagle. You will not believe the wide array of sports we have to offer and the incredible coaching. Monteagle has such fantastic talent if feels like we are winning a trophy every day! Wouldn’t you want to be a part of that? Whether you’re into basketball or football, athletics or martial arts, there’s always something new you can try. Not only do we have sports during school, you can start your day on the right foot by going to morning activity club run by our very special sports teachers, Mr Thompson and Mr Collymore.

And that’s not all, as well as sports clubs there are other options after school. Let me name a few:  art club, code-club, book-club and science club, you can even learn an instrument or join a choir.  These clubs can change your life. You can become a legend at football or you can become a famous artist.  You can even carry on learning at home, online, with educational resources like Bug Club and Mathletics.

Tell your parents that they should choose Monteagle for you and remind them of the benefits to them. While you are having fun in school, they can relax on the sofa at home – like they’re in a spa!

We strongly believe no other school provides such an amazing educational and extra-curricular offer. It goes without saying, Monteagle is the choice for you!