This week is a shorter week than usual, as Friday the whole school is closed. This means the children have had to try and squeeze more work in to make sure they have not missed out on any of their fun learning.

And what a week it has been! We have had children growing plants in small cups and watching them grow. Once they had grown, they were looking at how plant roots help the plant survive. The children loved looking at their plants they had grown in class, and watered them carefully to ensure they continue to grow strong.

In art, our children were mixing colours to show different tones of a particular colour, for example; they had to mix a small amount of white to a primary colour (blue, red or yellow). Then, add more or less white to the next paint splodge to change the tone of the colour to lighter or darker. Again, the children enjoyed watching this change happen and smiles could be seen across all the classes.

Finally, the rest of our classes were looking at a block of cheese, then what it looked like once it had been grated. Some children were allowed to use the grater, but had to be careful not to hurt themselves. Some of the other children even had a chance to taste the cheese! Some really enjoyed it, but others were not so keen.