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Year five working from home wb 6.7.20

Hello year five,

Welcome to another week of working from home. With only two more weeks until the summer holidays, we hope you make the most of learning from home. We would like to say thank you to all the children who made it onto the zoom calls this week. It really is the highlight of our week seeing you all, and hearing how you are doing.

In English, we are on the final chapter of Animal Boy. To bring our learning together, the main writing task is to write a review of the story. There is a power point to support you with your book review. Once you’ve completed the book review, be sure to read over you work to make any edits.

In maths, we are continuing on with our transition curriculum work, please use the PowerPoint to support your learning. Make sure to follow the video clips, where you will find videos of Mr. Lynn modelling some of the questions.

Again, we would like to remind you to send the work highlighted in red to your class teacher year5@monteagle.bardaglea.org.uk or upload it onto the school blog. Along with this we would like to encourage you to attend the weekly zoom video class hosted by your class teacher. This is a wonderful way for us to stay connected. Also, you should have had an email on parent mail with the details for meet the teacher zoom call, when you will be able to meet your teacher for year six.

Thank you again for all your wonderful work,

Year five teachers

6 7 20 Wrok from home booklet


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