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Year 5 Home Learning – 22.6.20

Hello Year Five,

Welcome to another week of working from home. It is promised to be a beautiful week of sunshine so make sure to get outside and enjoy the weather.

In English this week, you will be reading chapter five of Animal Boy, where Josh encounters many cats. Like previous weeks, answer the comprehension questions and complete the grammar and spelling activities which accompany the chapter. For the main writing task you will be annotating a diagram of Josh with inferences from the text. Use the powerpoint to help you.

In maths, you are moving onto reading and drawing line graphs. For these lessons, you will need a ruler and a sharpened pencil. Follow each of the video lessons carefully, and make sure to pause the video if you don’t understand.

In IPC, you will be continuing your work on Ancient Greece by locating the different ancient cities on the a map. In the next lesson, you will be researching Athens and Sparta in more detail.

We would also like to remind you to send the work highlighted in red to your class teacher year5@monteagle.bardaglea.org.uk or upload it onto the school blog. Along with this we would like to encourage you to attend the weekly zoom video class hosted by your class teacher. This is a wonderful way for us to stay connected.

We are tremendously impressed by your continued efforts and we look forward to receiving more of your wonderful home learning.

The Year 5 teachers

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