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Year 5 ‘Dreams of Air and Flight’ practise tracks

Year 5 half term task:

Practise the songs from ‘Dreams of Air and Flight’ in preparation for their performance with the London Symphony Orchestra at the end of February. We have an opportunity to shine with the power of song.

Listen and practise the songs here: https://soundcloud.com/paul-rissmann/sets/farther/s-bZ3tb

Additional, optional activities for at home learning:

-Teach on of the songs from ‘Dreams of Air and Flight’ to a friend or family member.

-Perform one of the songs to a group of friends or family.

-Write your own lyrics for one of the songs.

-Compose your own version of one of the songs.

-Create a piece of artwork inspired by the music and story.

-Create a dance to one of the songs.

-Write a character description of either the father or the son.