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Year 2 Home Learning Week Beginning 30th March 2020

The teachers on Year two have been really impressed with all the excellent work that has been sent in for us to look at during this week, especially those who have included photos of the children completing activities. During this hard time it is always nice to see the children smiling.

Please remember to also login to your Bug Club and Timetable Rockstars to help with both your reading and times tables.

This week in English, we would like the children to continue to think about the Gruffalo.  They can design a wanted poster to help find this large, scary creature. Remember to describe him in as much detail as possible. After we would like them to use their imagination and create a similar Gruffalo story changing the animals- why not read the example to the children to give them some inspiration.

In reading this week we would like everyone to complete both a book review and a reading comprehension about an owl. Get the children to read the text carefully; all the information needed is there for the children to retrieve.

After seeing how well the children have grasped the concept of fractions we are going to challenge the children with to complete some word problems, comparing fractions and learn how to add simple fractions together. When the children start each activity can you talk through the examples so they understand the process.

We look forward to seeing some of your fabulous work and smiling faces, remember all the tasks in red are to be sent to your teachers so they can give you help for the future.

Keep smiling one and all,

All the best,

Year 2 teachers.

27.03.20 Home working year 2


Curriculum – Task 1 – Food chain information

Curriclum -Task 2 example

Curriculum – Task 3 example

Maths Resources

fraction wall full

Math resource task 1

Math resource task 2

Math resource task 3

Math resource task 4

Math resource task 5

Writing Resources

English – Task 1- Wanted poster example

English- Task 2- Gruffalo story example

English – Task 3 – Owl information sheet with questions

English – Task 4 – Gruffalo Book Review