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Year 1 home learning – 15.06.20

Over the past week, the teachers in Year 1 have been so impressed with your amazing maths work. We have seen lots of great examples of children telling the time to o’clock and half past. This is a very tricky area of maths, but with your continual perseverance you have proved that you know exactly what to do!

For this week’s home learning, please follow the link – 20.06.15- planning

In writing this week, Year 1 will begin looking at a new text – ‘Wild’ by Emily Hughes. The home learners will begin by finding the definition of the word ‘wild’ and will write the word in sentences. On Wednesday (task 3), Ms Hughes will be teaching the in-school learners how to make predictions. A video will be shared on Class Dojo for the home learners to join in with the lesson. The same will take place on Thursday (task 4), Ms Hughes will be teaching how to write a description using adjectives. The home learners have been provided with the same resources to access the lesson just like the children in school.

The children will continue to learn about time in maths this week. Mr Sreetharan has provided lots of videos, to access on Monday and Tuesday, which will help with the understanding of time. On Wednesday and Thursday, Mr Sreetharan will be sharing videos to Class Dojo so that the home learners can join in with the sessions. It is important to remember to practice counting in 1s and 5s when preparing to learn about time.

An additional maths resource has been added to the planning sheet. This is a basic maths skills sheet related to the learning that the children have been doing throughout Year 1. This sheet can be used by all pupils on Friday.

In curriculum, the children will continue their learning about animals. This week, the children will focus their learning on birds. There is opportunity to research birds using online resources and by exploring the local area. The children can be creative by making a bird mask.


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