Home Learning

Year 1 home learning – 11.05.20

Last week we received some amazingly creative work from Year 1. We were impressed with all the baking, colouring, bunting making and spitfires. It was great to see so much work sent to us. Mr Sreetharan was particularly impressed with the maths work last week and was very proud of how many children were able to use grouping.

You will find this week’s work here – Home Learning – 11.05.20

In writing this week, the children will start by listening to a story called ‘The Lonely Beast’. Before listening to the story, speak about what the word ‘lonely’ means and make a prediction about what will happen in the book. The children will then answer questions about the story through the espresso link. The children will then build on their knowledge of adjectives (describing words) by using a word mat to draw their own beast. They have then been asked to write a description of their own beast using adjectives. The children can use the phonics and 100 high frequency word mats to assist with their spellings. Finally, the children are asked to use role play (drama) to become their beast. Here they can be as creative as possible in making themselves look like a beast. It will be great to see some videos or photos or this!

Continuing on from grouping for multiplication, this week the children will begin to learn about division. Concrete resources will be useful in maths this week to physically share into groups. Video links have been provided to assist with the teaching of grouping.

The curriculum learning is all about plants. The children will make observational drawings of plants that they see in their gardens or local areas. They will also use interactive online resources to name plants and find out about the parts of the plants. Lots of hands on learning can be had here through art and planting.

As always, do continue to use TT Rockstars and Bug Club to assist with your child’s learning.

We look forward to seeing all of the fantastic work produced again!