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Year 1 Home Learning – 08.06.20

Last week we were sent some amazing work from across the year group. Mr Sreetharan was very impressed with how the children were using their knowledge of grouping to work out division calculations! We are continually impressed with the perseverance and creativity that the children show us in their work.

Please follow the link for this week’s tasks – 20.06.08 – home learning copy

In writing this week, the children will be looking at a selection of poems all about yummy food! The children will focus on one poem to identify alliteration (when two words are next to each other and start with the same letter – e.g. sizzling sausages). The children then have a writing frame with vocabulary to write their own alliteration poem about their favourite foods.

This week for maths, the children are moving onto the new topic of time. This is an area of maths that children often find tricky. It is important to expose the children to analogue clocks by showing them clocks around the home or analogue watches. You can create your own analogue clock using a paper plate and writing the numbers around the clockface. Mr Sreetharan has provided a weekly PowerPoint for the children to work through.

The children will continue to learn about living things that week as part of their curriculum learning. The children have been provided with online resources to find out about fish. The children will have the chance to show off their artistic skills by drawing and labelling fish, they will be conducting their own research about fish and comparing them to the amphibians that they found out about last week.

As always, please continue to use Bug Club for reading and TT Rockstars for maths challenges. We look forward to seeing your fantastic work.


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