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Year 1 Home Learning – 06.07.2020

Last week the teachers in Year 1 were so impressed with your amazing work. Ms Hughes was very impressed with all the beautiful setting descriptions she read. It goes to show that you really know how to use adjectives for creative writing.

Follow the link for this week’s learning – 20.07.06 – home learning

In writing this week, you will be finding out about how to write instructions by using imperative (bossy) verbs. You have slides which show you how to make a jam sandwich and then an activity to write instructions. You then have the chance to get creative in the kitchen by making you own favourite sandwiches. The teachers would love for you to film yourself making your creation and using imperative verbs.

In maths, you will continue to use column method but this week you will look at subtraction. It is a good idea to practice counting backwards from different two digit numbers to warm up the maths brains! You will need counters and a 100 square to assist with your learning in maths.

In curriculum, we are moving on from science and finishing the geography learning for the year. You will have the chance to research all about water and then come up with different ways to save water.

As always, continue to use bug club for your reading and TT Rockstars for extra maths.





20.07.06 Maths Resources

20.07.06 Numbers to 100 Subtraction