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Work to be done at home- Week Starting 13 July 2020

So our journey together is soon to end.  We always feel the end of the year provides us with so many different feelings.  Excitement that you will soon be in a new year group with an new teacher. This year however, we will be having other feelings including apprehension about what life will be in school when we return in September.  These are all perfectly normal feelings to have.  Remember it is so important to talk to someone if you are having feelings you can’t explain.  Most of the time, if you speak someone, you begin to feel a lot better.

Parents, thank you again for all you are doing.  Thank you for turning into a teacher at home, you are doing an amazing job.  Please keep checking your emails, we will be sending out emails about the end of term Zoom that we would love to see all children on.

20.07.13 English weekly overview

20.07.13 Maths weekly overview.docx
Maths Monday
Maths Tuesday
Maths Wednesday
Maths Thursday
Maths Friday

20.07.13 Curriculum weekly overview
Curriculum Task 1 information
Curriculum Task 1
Curriculum Task 3
Curriculum Task 4