Home Learning

Week Beginning 23-01-17

This week we will be learning:


To write the numbers 0-20.

To add two single digit numbers together

Continue to recognise, order and count objects to 20.


Reading and discussing the text ‘Biscuit Bear’

To describe the role of the ‘chef’ and how they help people.

Continue to practise their name in cursive writing.


To recap previous sounds: sh, ch, th, ng, ow, oi, ear, er, air, ure, zz, qu, ai, ee, oo ,oa, ar, or, igh, ur

To blend words: it, at, am, has, big etc

To read and write the high frequency words: the, to, I, no, go, he, she, we

To read tricky words:  me, be, was, my, you, her, they, all, are, they, all.