Please remember to listen to your child reading a few pages of their school book everyday. Also try to read a book to your child every day.

The most important thing is that reading should be a positive, enjoyable experience for both the child and adult.

Before You Start
Check that there are no distractions, e.g. television, music, etc
Make sure that your child is comfortable and that you can interact with him/her.
Discuss the cover and appearance of the book:What is the book’s title?
What is the story about?
Do you like this book?
If the child has already started the book, ask about the main events of the story so far.

During Reading
Remind your child of the different ways they can work out words on which they are stuck:Phonetic: sounding out each phoneme. Pictorial: clues can sometimes be found in the pictures.
Interact with your child rather than simply hear them read.  They will be more responsive to your questioning if they know that you are interested.
Give plenty of praise for your child’s achievements.
Stop at appropriate places in the text to ask questions. Ask your child to make predictions about what might happen next.
Try to ask questions that will help your child to think about what they have read.

After Reading
Discuss what has just been read. Did you enjoy it? Why?
Did you have a favourite part or a part you didn’t like?
Did you have a favourite character? Was there a character you didn’t like?
Was the story happy / funny / sad / scary / exciting? Why?
Did the story end how you thought it would?
Can you think of another ending?
Check understanding of vocabulary, particularly new words in the text.