Home Learning

Home Learning WB 30/3/20

Dear parents,

We hope you and your family are safe and are adjusting to the new schedule of learning from home. As we move into week two, we would like to encourage you to make contact with the year five teachers via email at year5@monteagle.bardaglea.org.uk. This is a big change for you and your children, so let us help, we are eager to answer any questions or support with the home learning that is taking place.

Thank you to all those parents who have sent in their child’s learning for this week. Moving forward, we expect to see at least two pieces of work from your child each week which will be highlighted in red on the working from from home booklet. This can be emailed or uploaded to the Y5 Purple Mash blog (found in sharing -> shared blogs). The Y5 teachers are on the blog daily, and upload posts throughout the week.

For this week’s learning, open 30 3 20 Y5 Work from home , here you will find a detailed description and explanation for each of the tasks for every subject. We would recommend on Monday or Sunday evening sitting with your child and planning the week ahead. It is crucial to plan for plenty of fun and active brain breaks as this will help your child focus and remain motivated throughout the week. The morning is the optimum time for learning, so we would encourage using the morning period for the English and maths learning tasks. Here is a timetable which you and your child can use to plan for the week of learning ahead Y5 Weekly Timetable ¬†Giving your child ownership over his/her timetable is a good way of establishing fair expectations for the week.

This week we have set creative activities for art and music. There are ideal for the whole family, so why not get the whole family involved and send us some picture of your family time.

Below you’ll find the resources for each of the learning activities, which are highlighted in the work from home document above.


English resource one

English resource two

English resource three

English resource four


Passive Voice Questions

George Misbehaves- Verb Prefixes


Maths resource one

Maths resource two

Maths resource three

Maths resource four

Maths resource five

IPC – Geography

IPC resource one

IPC lesson two

IPC lesson one

We look forward to hearing from you over the coming week, and seeing your children on Purple Mash. It is more important that we stay in contact, so that we can support one another in such uncertain times.

Warmest regards,

Year five teachers