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Home Learning w/b 27th April 2020

All the teachers in year 2 would like to thank you all for both staying safe and supporting your child with the work we are asking you to complete. During these hard times it makes us as teachers smile when we see all your work you are doing so thank you. Keep it up!

This week in English, we would like the children to look at a selection of images and write a 5 sentences about each picture.  After we would like them to write a set of instructions using their imperative verbs (the bossy verbs: put, cut, mix) why not bake a biscuit, make a sandwich or even cook some pasta and write how they did it. Finally complete the reading comprehension sheet.

In maths this week, we would like the children to begin to think about the graphs. They will be asked to look at the pictograms and learn to read the information given.

Please remember to also login to your Bug Club and Timetable Rockstars to help with both your reading and times tables.

We look forward to seeing some of your fabulous work and smiling faces, why not write a short email to us telling us how you are and what you have been doing, it would be lovely to hear from you.

Remember all the tasks in red are to be sent to your teacher so they can give you help for the future.

Keep smiling and take care,

All the best,

Year 2 teachers.




Curriculum Task 1 – Blank UK map

Curriculum Task 2 – England Fact cards

Curriculum Task 2 – Northern Ireland Fact cards

Curriculum Task 2 – Scotland Fact cards

Curriculum Task 2 – Wales Fact cards

Curriculum Task 3 – Example Fact file


task 1 – picture task

Task 2 – imperative verbs

Task 3- Pirate comprhension


Maths task 1

Maths task 2

Maths task 3

Maths task 4

Maths task 5