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Half-term holiday activities

Well done Year 3 on powering through this half-term. You have continued to work hard, stay motivated and, most importantly, keep smiling! We, your teachers, are extremely proud of you!

The good news for you is as next week is half-term we are not going to be setting you your usual home-learning.  Instead, there are a few suggested activities below which you may wish to do. As it has been mental health awareness week, where the theme is ‘kindness’, you will find a few things related to this too. It’s a very important time to be both kind to ourselves as well as to others.

Feel free to email any photos of what you do during the holidays to your class teacher who would love to see how you’re getting on. We might even share a few photos on here!

Keep smiling and take care,

All the best,

The Year 3 team

Half term holiday suggested activities:

Art activities

Ancient Mask

Chalky Face

Garbage Gobbler

Glitter Fun

Recipes for cooking


Cornflake crunch

Mac cheese

Marshmallow crispies



Ramadan activities

Mental health week activities

Daily acts of kindness

._Inspirational Quotes

._Mindfulness Quotes

._Rainbow Colouring Sheet

._Words of Encouragement